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INDIGO Handmade 100% Cotton-Rag Book Block - 200gsm Mid Texture

INDIGO Handmade 100% Cotton-Rag Book Block - 200gsm Mid Texture

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These Cotton Rag Book Blocks form part of our INDIGO range of handmade, artisanal products. Made in Northern India using traditional paper-making methods, the INDIGO book blocks are made from our best-selling cotton-rag paper. Each page, being handmade, is unique in tone and grain, though overall the paper is a mid texture and has a weight of approximately 200gsm. Featuring a rustic, deckled edge, the book blocks are comprised of 30 pages of A4 cotton-rag paper with exposed section-stitched binding.

The paper is suitable for watercolour and other painting applications, as well as all dry and soft media. For oil painting, we recommend priming the surface with gesso first.

Our book blocks are stitched together in seven sections, meaning the paper can work well on its own or presented in a sketchbook format. You can add your own covers to these books, or use them as paper backed sketchbooks just as they are!

Available in three neutral colours: Natural White, Light Stone, Light Indigo.

100% handmade, recycled, and vegan.


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