Our mission:

We aim to provide eco friendly art supplies and workshops with a zero waste ethos, to support ethical and green business and to create a space that brings people together through art, helping community + the planet


craft classes, facepainting and events

Try something different

If it's to celebrate or simply to try something new, a range of eco-friendly craft workshops are available for private event hire, on site or at your desired location depending. These include:

  • Making your own eco-friendly art supplies (paint, pastels, brushes)
  • Plant pot painting 
  • Face Painting 
  • Tie-dye workshops
  • Educational art & the planet talks
  • Festive crafts from natural and recycled materials
  • (we can also run specific workshops upon request)

All our products are eco friendly and for every event 1 tree is planted! 


How to Book

To book or enquire about an event, fill in the Contact form at the top of the page or email us at

We work to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours.