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Bamboo Calligraphy Brush Set

Bamboo Calligraphy Brush Set

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These Chinese paint brushes with round tip now come in a convenient brush set of three sizes - small, medium and large. Perfect for a variety of uses, including traditional Chinese or Japanese calligraphy, ink drawings or paintings, and of course, watercolour paint or gouache, these paint brushes are constructed in a traditional ‘White Cloud’ design - a core of firm hog hair for solidity, and an outer layer of finer, softer and more absorbent white goat hair.

The Chinese brushes in this set are all constructed with a strong bamboo handle, and feature a convenient hanging loop for drying or storage.

  • Set of 3 Artway ‘White Cloud’ Chinese brushes for ink and paint
  • Firm, hog hair centre with an outer layer of softer and more absorbent white goat hair
  • Small, medium and large paint brushes, each with brush protector
  • Excellent for calligraphy purposes or for painting with watercolour paint or ink
  • Bamboo handle with useful hanging loop for storage and drying

Large Brush

  • Handle Length - 21.8cm
  • Bristle Length - 3cm
  • Bristle Width - 0.9cm

Medium Brush

  • Brush Length - 20cm
  • Bristle Length - 2.8cm
  • Bristle Width - 0.8cm

Small Brush

  • Brush Length - 17.5cm
  • Bristle Length - 2.4cm
  • Bristle Width - 0.7cm
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