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Traditional Linoleum sheet - A4

Traditional Linoleum sheet - A4

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Since Victorian times (when it was first invented) traditional linoleum has been the printmakers choice for relief (surface) printing. A TOTALLY natural product (produced from a mix of linseed oil, pine resin and wood flour applied to a jute backing) the smooth consistent surface provides the perfect ground in which to carve and apply designs to make prints.

The term 'linoleum' (lino) is often used incorrectly to describe any sheet flooring - this is not the case. Sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles are often referred to as linoleum whilst the actual product is completely different. Vinyl flooring is a 'synthetic' product made of chlorinated petrochemicals - linoleum on the other hand is produced from all natural ingredients. Vinyl will melt if a lighted match or cigarette lands on it, linoleum can’t. Vinyl patterns are printed into the surface, linoleum’s colours go all the way through. The consistency of vinyl makes it largely unsuitable for printmaking purposes.

Artway Traditional Linoleum sheets are made of a softer composition specifically for use in printmaking. If stored in a cool place lino sheets require warming prior to cutting (place on a radiator or other appropriate heat source). Softening your sheets through warming allows for more controlled precise cutting resulting in sharper edges. It is also much safer enabling cutting tools to glide through the material without too much resistance. We highly recommend the use of a bench hook to hold the lino in place whilst working its surface. Our traditional lino sheets are easily cut to size by scoring and snapping.

The Advantages of Artway Traditional Linoleum: Manufactured from readily renewable natural raw materials. Will render and hold fine detail when used with appropriate tools. The resilient surface makes it suitable for repeated use. Highly recyclable - even production waste can be recycled. Extremely hygienic and naturally anti-static.

Please note: lino surfaces are greatly improved with a light sanding (fine grade sandpaper) prior to inking providing a 'key' for consistent ink coverage. linseed will naturally evaporate and dry out in time. If the sheet remains hard after warming it has gone beyond its shelf life and no longer usable. Linseed will naturally evaporate and dry out in time. If the sheet remains hard after warming it has gone beyond its shelf life and no longer usable. 'We recommend storing this product in an airtight container/bag to maintain its condition'

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