Collection: Natural Earth Paint

Shop our full range of Natural Earth Paint pigments & art supplies, everything you need to create in a way that's harmonious to the planet and safe for user!

Pigments can be used to make all types of paint from fine oil to tempera, acrylic to watercolour, printing ink to pastels, pottery to fabrics. With unmatchable quality and sustainability, full certification can be provided to ensure transparency in an ethical and ecologically friendly supply chain

Natural Earth Pigments sold in standard tube amounts or bulk buy for a much more economical and enjoyable experience! Great for artists who want to create art sustainably, to protect their own health and the planets, like to use paint liberally, community groups, classrooms and any art facilitation, especially with children. This paint is non toxic and organic, unlike standard acrylic paint which is liquid plastic and damaging to user and our waterways.

All our packaging is eco friendly, reused, recycled or compostable! 

Natural Watercolour

All you need to create your own unique watercolour palette at home with Natural Pigments, Gum Arabic to Bind and Eco friendly paper